What are Teachers doing for Monster Literacy Night?


Monster Literacy Night is a night that gives students the opportunity to showcase work created through project-based learning units implemented by the outstanding staff at UCA. During Monster Night, nearly every teacher pitches in to make Monster Literacy Night bigger and bigger. Many projects are returning from previous years, but some teachers plan on doing some new things as well.

UCA’s band/orchestra teacher, Mr. Moore,  collaborates with the dance teacher, Mrs. Haynes each year to create outstanding performances.  “This year is a Monster Mashup and will have six songs”, Moore promises. The dance, chorus, and orchestra classes will all participate in the show, performing twice on Monster Night. When asked about the songs that will be performed, Mr. Moore was mute, preferring the songs to be kept as a surprise. “This year’s show tells a little bit more of a story than the previous ones.”

On the English Hall, many classes are focused on preparing for Monster Literacy Night. Many English classes are usually focused on writing about monster creation and bringing them to life via 3D models, short stories, films, and more. Mr. Gregson’s English IV class participates by creating Pagan monsters. Not only are they writing short stories about their Pagan monsters, but they are also physically representing them by creating 3D models. Dr. Whatley’s AP Language and English III classes participate much similar to previous years. It is quite simple, students create a monster using monster theory, then write short stories, a description, and create a physical representation of their monster.

In the History Hall, many teachers are constructing monsters as well. Mr. Fortune’s Civics class is creating political monsters and is hanging the pictures for display on Monster Literacy Night. Mr. Fortune describes the monsters as “the monsters that are inside us”. Mrs. Walker’s American History class is making obituaries for deceased American historical figures.

In the Science Hall, the classrooms are taking great advantage of the class material to create their monsters. The Earth and Environmental classrooms are creating climate change monsters, each monster representing a different effect of climate change such as rising ocean temperatures and plastic pollution in the oceans. Ms. Smith’s biology class’s project is incredibly ambitious. The students are placing bacteria and viruses with descriptions on the skeleton of a dinosaur. This is to describe different “monstrous” bacteria and virus and how they affect biological life.

Finally, the Math Hall isn’t slowing down on the Monster projects either. Ms. Munro’s Pre-Calculus class is making 3D prints of monsters made from graphed functions. They create them using two different layers, the monster and the habitat. The 3D prints are incredibly intricate and take hours to print. Mrs. Carter’s classes are doing a similar project. The freshmen math class is graphing lines through different monsters, while the seniors are using graphed lines to create monsters.

All in all, nearly every teacher is participating to make Monster Literacy Night as captivating as always. Each hallway in the school offers something to see. Whether it is posters, decorations, or 3D models, each classroom offers different projects to be presented during Monster Literacy Night. Monster Literacy Night is October 24, 5 pm, at the Uwharrie Charter Academy High School. Be sure to swing by and check out all the amazing work from the teachers and students!