Teacher of the Week


UCA students and staff know her smile and it is infectious. Always at cheer practices and games to help out and teach new cheers, a “mom” to the Lady Eagles volleyball team, even as senior, Zaiah Parson tells us, “A shoulder to cry on when times get tough.”  These characteristics describe this week’s Feature Teacher, Mrs. Shelly Clemons.  

She is a “jack of all trades” at UCA, handling student life events and a year-long yearbook class as well as entrepreneurship and personal finance. When asked why she became a teacher Mrs. Clemons said, “It felt like it was my purpose. I was in the industry after college.”  Mrs. Duggins, an English teacher at UCA, commented, “ I love Mrs. Clemons, she is a rockstar. She juggles businesses, yearbook, being a volleyball mom, being a mom for her own kids and kids at the school as well. She is never too busy to help someone.”

She is a fun-loving woman, she is like my second mom. She gives the best advice and best hugs.”

— Zaiah Parson, UCA Senior

The Nest staffers, Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell talked to Mrs. Clemons about her teaching career. Clemons shared,  “I’ve been teaching for fifteen years; this is my fourth at UCA.” When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t teaching she said, “ I would probably still be in the education field like working with admissions at college or something like that.”.