AP Art Feature- Addy Mcgehee

Kaytlin Lowe and

The Nest will now begin to feature AP Art Students’ work. To kick off our first feature, we interviewed AP Art Teacher, Mrs. Neelon. AP Art is a college-level art class taught in high school. Students create a 15 piece portfolio of their original art created in the same style. The portfolio is then sent to be scored on a scale of one to five at the end of the course. If students score a three or higher they receive college credit for the class. The portfolio that is sent is the equivalent of an AP Exam for the students. Mrs. Neelon told us that students work on a tight schedule and are expected to make one, high quality, piece of art per week over 18 weeks. The art they submit can be created in any way they would like. Before Mrs. Neelon came to UCA, our school had no AP Art program to offer exceptional artists at our school.  Because of her, UCA now offers AP Drawing, AP 2-D Design, and next year the program will begin to offer AP 3-D design.


We asked Mrs. Neelon to choose our first AP Art Student to be featured. Without hesitation, Mrs. Neelon pointed to 17-year-old, Addy Mcgehee. Addy is a senior at UCA Addy said that she has loved to draw and has since she was little, but she began seriously practicing art in 8th grade. Addy said that she focuses primarily on portraits and animals created with acrylic paint or sketching with pencils. She said she loves to portray emotions and struggles in portraits, “The side of people you don’t always see.” When asked how she expresses herself through art, Addy said “I like to include a deeper meaning in my portraits that express human emotion in the truest form. Meaning that everyone battles with something in their life and although no one may see it, it will always be there.”