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How Do YOU Feel About TikTok?

Ever wake up in a 3 am panic realizing you forgot to write that 10-page paper, only to hear the distracting ding of a notification? Curious, you slide the phone screen down and BOOM it’s TikTok time. As the sun comes up the dread settles in and you realize how deep in you were.

Student Life Team, The Nest

“TikTok”, originally called “”, began in 2017 when ByteDance launched the app for markets outside of China. TikTok’s U.S. headquarters is located in Culver City, Los Angeles. The app allows users to lip-sync and dance to 15-second audio files. TikTok has more than a billion downloads since its launch in 2017 and has more monthly users than Twitter or Snapchat. TikTok is available in 150 different markets. The app is built around music, so harsh language or slang isn’t a barrier. 

TikTok collects data of videos users have liked before, to show them similar videos. Like Instagram when a user likes posts about shoes or cars, they’ll show up on their explore page. The “discover” page shows the user trending hashtags and newer audio. When users employ the trending hashtags, like #fyp or #foryourpage, they will increase their views and likes. Any video with inappropriate content, showing violence, or terrorism is removed from the app.  

“Baby Birkin” by Gunna, became one of the first trendy songs to dance to on the app, and the craze followed. Most people use the original dance moves, but every once in a while someone makes up their own moves. Throwback songs like “Pretty Boy Swag” by Soulja Boy and “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha also became popular trendy songs. “Lalala” by Y2K was not a popular, well-known song until people used the app. The underground artist uses TikTok as a way to get their music out there. A 19-year-old artist landed a record deal with Warner Records, after millions of TikTokers did the Fortnite dance to his song “Cradles.” Stunna Girl, a 21-year-old Sacramento rapper, learned her song “Runway” went viral on the app, and she scored a record deal with Capitol.

It could take people 30 minutes to make a 15-second video, to make it perfect to get onto the “for you page.” The for you page is where users can find those “TikTok famous” people or the people who make original content. Haygan Haynes, Taylor Fordham, and Kendall McCaskill are people who frequently show up on the for you page. 

TikTok Famous?


Here at UCA, we have a couple of famous people on TikTok, Taylor Fordham, Braylen Hayes, and Brock Dunlap. Brock Dunlap averages 15-20k likes on his videos, but he does not call viewers fans. Dunlap said,  “Nothing’s changed, people just call me the kid from TikTok.” His video of fame is “Runway.” Haygan Haynes is not TikTok famous yet, but she told us she was trying. She gets 70 likes on average, and the video that has the highest likes is “Drop.” Most people from our school are working hard to be famous, maybe they will be.

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