Hispanic Heritage Month

Main Event Flyer

Main Event Flyer

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Mr. Salinas and Ms. Zamora, along with the world language classes have planned events to celebrate. The purpose of the events is to bring more diversity and awareness to UCA. When Mr. Salinas first moved here he noticed that UCA students have limited opportunities to experience cultural diversity; he plans to change that with his upcoming events. In fact, many students here thought Mexico was the only Spanish speaking country. Mr. Salinas wants to be able to teach not only his students but everyone at UCA about the different Spanish speaking countries as well as their culture.

Cultural Learning

On September 20, Mr. Salinas hosted a film screening of McFarland USA, a film that tells the story of cultural learning and exchange between a coach and his team.  See the full plot summary here. Students and staff were invited to learn about the flavors of Latin America during a cooking class on September 26, 2019.  The class provided participants with a hands-on, cultural learning experience.

Alison Hargett, UCA teacher
Ms. Zamora and Mr. Salinas show UCA students how to prepare dishes for Hispanic Heritage Month.
Alison Hargett, UCA teacher
UCA students, JD Swaim and Madison Kostick use the skills they’ve learned to create their own dish.










Dia De Los Muertos also is known as Day of the Dead, is significant to the Latino culture, to celebrate their deceased friends and family members. On October 17th, Mr. Salinas is bringing “Una Noche Mexicana: Día de Los Muertos” to UCA in an effort to educate the UCA community about the significance the day holds in the Latino culture. Spanish II and III students, researched a deceased Latino personality and created an ofrenda, or altar, to celebrate their lives.

Mr. Salinas pulled inspiration from a friend, who created an event based on Black Excellence to educate and let people know how important his culture is to him. Mr. Salinas attended that event and was compelled to bring Hispanic culture and customs to the UCA community. He hopes that educating the community breaks down barriers to understanding cultural practice and encourage others to have fun.  

A few events needed rescheduling for various reasons.  Look for the following opportunities to share in Latino culture:

Arts and Crafts of Latin America.


World Language Mobile Units.

Mr. Salinas Room.

Guest speaker: What is it to be Hispanic in the United States?


World Language Mobile Units