Teacher of the Week


Around UCA, he’s known as the teacher with the most style.  Even fellow teacher Dr. Whatley tells us that he is “the most stylish person on the planet!”  Mr. Jose Salinas is passionate about the advancement of cultural education for students here at UCA.  After hosting multiple cultural education events and a Dia de los Muertos celebration, he was the perfect choice for this week’s Teacher of the Week. 


Currently, Mr. Salinas teaches Spanish II and Honors Spanish III. The Nest staffers, Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell asked Mr. Salinas about teaching and his past experience. Salinas explained, “I have always wanted to work in a field that would allow me to use my abilities and knowledge to help others. Teaching has opened up that opportunity, and I think that is why I decided to enter the profession.”


Mr. Salinas has been teaching for three years, two of those here at UCA. Before joining the UCA family, he taught at UNCG. If he wasn’t teaching Salinas said, “I would probably be in business and finance because that was my first major in college.”