Bringing more pep to UCA



“Are you proud to be an Eagle, YES WE ARE…”

Jamie Parrish, UCA’s front office secretary/assistant and cheer coach wants to bring a new pep club to our school. Parrish has served as UCA’s cheer coach since the opening year in 2013. Before that, she coached at Randleman for 4 years, helped coach at NERMS for 8 years, and coached at Randolph Elite for 6 years. Ms. Parrish knows how to bring spirit to our school, and that’s what she plans to do.

The Pep Club can be a catalyst for student involvement at games, and in the greater school community. The more students that come out and support our teams, the happier and more excited the players get. At the Dig Pink volleyball game, the student section was filled. Shelly Clemons (our yearbook teacher) instructed the student section to “Be loud, and be proud, the louder you guys are, the more the team wants to play.” The more spirit the UCA student body has, the more the teams will want to play, and that’s Ms. Parrish’s goal. She wants the students to be more involved, and better turnouts at all games. Her goal is to foster and encourage pride in the Eagle community. She plans to reach out to our current school clubs and the sponsors for help and support, then moves down from there.

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Ms. Parrish would like to make shirts for the students who join the club to wear to the games, kind of like college students when they have their pep club shirt on at their games. The girl’s basketball team has already planned out the themes for the games but will need help to get more UCA students to support the basketball teams. Themed Fridays are a way to garner that student involvement. Themed Fridays asks students to wear clothing/costumes that match the day’s theme to school, in of support the teams even if games are away. Her goal is to also make this an every Friday thing. Ms. Parrish also wants to set a fee to cover the shirts or do a fundraiser so we could get a bus or van, to take the club members to at least one away game. The pep club will be a way to start more traditions here at UCA.







-UCA’s 2019-2020 varsity cheer team