So, How Was Monster Night?


Maddox Bowman, Broadcast Editor, Page Designer, Camera Operator

Door to door competitions; trunk or treating; a petting zoo. These are only a few of the many highlighted events that occurred during the annual Monster Night at UCA High School.

Each hallway donned amazing design aesthetics, ranging from The Demogorgon from Stranger Things to a dinosaur composed of bacteria. With so many activities to do around the school, the fun was limitless. Petting horses and goats, watching a performance by the chorus and dance group, listening to the school’s music productions class’s playlist, these are just a few things that happened during Monster Night.

A room to remember, Ms. Dixon’s classroom was set to express the monsters of society: Juuls, pedophiles, murderers or terrorists. The classroom’s focus was realistic and focused on the more real monsters in our society rather than fictional ones.

Giant vape constructed by Kaylen Trucks
Giant vape constructed by Kaylen Trucks

Chorus and dance classes collaborated to perform a musical monster medley. “Those performances were phenomenal” and “appealing for all ages,” said Mrs. Dixon, the Life Skills teacher. Adrian Jenkins, dressed as Jack Skellington, danced with others in a nightmare filled with monsters.

Along the English Hallway, music production class was lit with a live performance by Caesar Arriaga-Tenorio rapping two of his original creations. Murder mysteries by students of Mrs. Kraven.

This year’s Monster Night had everything spread out as well as activities set up outside the school, so there was less traffic. Making these hallways created a “sense of cheerfulness” for all the teachers; everyone had a smile on their face. I believe that this was the best Monster Night so far.