UCA’s Murals

The walls around UCA are far from boring. The captivating murals are one of the first things you see when you walk around UCA. To make it even more impressive, all the murals around UCA have been painted by students over the years at UCA.

The main murals in our school are the “Alice in Wonderland” mural at the end of the English hall, the “Eagle Wings” mural in the commons, the ‘Tree” in the front entrance, and the “Eagle” between the commons and the History hall.


The “Alice in Wonderland” mural, as well as the “Eagle Wings” in the cafeteria, was done by Lilias Przybylowski, Mackenzie “Mackie” Patrick, and Abby Deming during the 2018-2019 school year. The “Alice in Wonderland” painting was painted to cover a previous mural that was at the end of the English hall and was a project that Lilias, Mackie, and Abby were completed for the spring steam night titled “What’s Your Story”, themed around “stories.”

The “Eagle Wings” were painted in honor of the graduating class of 2019.  “I think our favorite part was getting to do them both together as friends,” says Lilias.



UCA’s previous art teacher, Ms. Laura Sykes, painted the eagle between the commons and history hall. The eagle was painted to honor people who donated money to UCA. Ms. Sykes also painted the tree in the entrance of UCA in honor of the graduating class of 2016.

Students and staff have conflicting opinions on the murals around the school. Nick Howell says “I really like the murals. They add ‘flavor’ to our school.”

“I think they look great, I like that there’s an avenue for people to express themselves in that way,” says Mr. Moore. 
I love the murals around the school! I think it shows off the amazing talent of so many of our students. It also brightens up the hallways and makes the school “happier” -Ms. Rabb
Any student has the opportunity to paint a mural in our school. In order to get a mural approved, Students must submit a sketch and location to the central office. From there, Mr. Douglas finalizes the approval.