Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is a first-person military shooter developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It is the sixteenth main entry in the series and is a reboot of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. The game set a record as the best-selling game of 2019 and made $600 million in the first weekend. The game’s main content stems from three sections: Single-Player Campaign, Multiplayer, and Spec Ops. Each section is incredibly different and provides content for every type of player.


The campaign is the single-player story mode of the game. Since the game’s a reboot, it shares familiar faces from the previous trilogy while telling a completely new story in a different universe from the previous games. The campaign has 14 missions, each mission lasting around 30 mins or longer. The story focuses on a conflict between the fictional country Urzikstan and Russia. American CIA and British SAS team up with Urzikstan rebels to combat the oppressive Russian army. The story is full of controversial dilemmas such as terrorist attacks and brutal war crimes. In one mission you play as a child in the middle of a Russian invasion, where the Russians murder nearly everyone in the Urzikstan village, including women and children. Unsurprisingly, this game has garnered major controversy in Russia, many Russians attacking the game on the website Metacritic which has plummeted the user score to 3.2/10. Commenters have been calling the game “useless propaganda” and “Russophobic”. After beating the campaign it is easy to see this perspective. Looking past that, the campaign is enjoyable. The missions keep the player on their toes and contain varieties of gameplay situations. Some missions are full military assaults while others are more stealth-oriented. The campaign appeals to old and new fans and tries to re-capture the magic the previous campaigns had. For the most part, it succeeds.


Multiplayer is arguably one of the most important parts of the game, as it is what determines the life-span of the game and what captures most of the player base. Luckily, the multiplayer in this game is pretty solid, especially compared to the disappointing multiplayer modes of some of the most recent games in the franchise. The multiplayer is the most player-style friendly it has ever been. If you enjoy large-scale, Battlefield-like battles, Ground War is definitely for you. If you prefer short and fast-paced matches, Gunfight pits you with a teammate against two enemies in tiny arenas. On top of this, the classic Call of Duty game modes return such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and more.

Another positive aspect is the vast customization and options at your disposable. Classes return from the previous games, which are basically your load-outs for the game. The gunsmith is the most in-depth it has ever been by miles with dozens of attachments to choose from. The perks are reminiscent of previous games with some new ones arriving as well, such as one that alerts you when someone out of your view is targeting you. A new addition to the game is special equipment that recharges throughout the game. This rechargeable equipment includes more powerful bullets, drones, and more. Killstreaks make a return as well, including some really exhilarating choices such as Juggernaut that puts you into the shoes of a heavy-armored giant with a mini-gun. Overall, this game is the best game so far when it comes to choices on the battlefield.

The only negative aspect of the game is the maps themselves. There are four categories of maps: Regular, Night, Ground War, and Gunfight maps. The best maps are ironically the Gunfight maps. The Gunfight maps are small for quick 30 seconds fights, but there is a good amount of them so each match doesn’t feel repetitive, they are also pretty well-designed. The Ground War maps are fine but as of the time of this article, there are only three. Hopefully, more maps will be added in the future. Then there are the Regular and Night maps which are essentially the same except one is during the day and the others are during the night-time. These are easily the weakest maps in the game, which is a problem because they pretty much determine how fun the experience will be.  The maps heavily appeal to campers (people who stay in one place and wait for players to enter), which really drags down the game. The maps can feel unbalanced and are not nearly as memorable as previous entries.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops is a game-mode exclusive to PS4. It is a mode where you team up with other players or play by yourself to complete special missions and a survival mode. The special missions are reminiscent of previous spec ops missions from the original trilogy, giving you an objective to complete. The missions are fun, the only issue is that there is only one cinematic, which is a little underwhelming. Survival from Modern Warfare 3 returns with little to no change. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Survival Mode is a mode where waves of enemies attack you, buy equipment, and survive for as long as you can. Spec Ops is probably the smallest section of the game but still can clock in some hours of fun despite that.

Lootboxes and Season Pass

One aspect of the game that is impressive in today’s game industry is the lack of loot-boxes and season pass. Every year for the past 10 years, Call of Duty has had a 60 dollar season pass that came with new maps and guns. This is the first year in Call of Duty history to lose the season pass and have all new additions be free to everyone. Loot-boxes have also been a common addition to Call of Duty. Loot-boxes are basically gambling mechanics that give you random items and cost real money. In some games, the weapons are exclusively cosmetic or they heavily affect how you play. The lack of loot-boxes in this Call of Duty is a positive sight to see, especially since loot-boxes are hated profusely in the community. All items in the game have to be unlocked by actually playing the game, which is how games probably should be.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most innovative and impressive Call of Duty in recent years. It functions on what made the originals so memorable and innovates by adding new styles of gameplay. The game does have some issues, especially with gun balancing, map design, and basic story-telling aspects. Despite this, the game’s positives definitely outweigh the negatives which can mostly be fixed with patches and updates. With a stellar campaign, varied and exciting multiplayer, and fun spec ops, the game aims strong and for the most part, hits the target.

Score: 7/10