Teacher Of The Week

You’ve probably heard her cackle and snort from around the corner. She is loved by students and teachers alike. Mrs. Duggings, a fellow English teacher told us, “She’s a rockstar and a team player. She has the ability to inspire all kinds of kids, make them laugh, and scare them all in the same class period.” This is one of the more accurate ways to describe this week’s Teacher of the Week, Dr. Whatley.

We asked Dr. Whatley about why she likes UCA; she told us “Our school’s founder gave me permission to “release the beast” to make education whatever I wanted it to be.” And that she has, with her “Monster Night” creation, a schoolwide event held in October designed to engage the community through literacy. With a showcase of projects from all departments of the school, Monster Night is a whole-school success.

Dr. Whatley currently teaches Honors Journalism, English III, AP Language and Composition, and Film Studies. Next semester she will also teach Honors Journalism II, English II, and AP Literature and Composition. The Nest staffers, Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell asked Dr. Whatley why does she teach and she explained, “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s just who I am.”

Dr. Whatley is currently in her twelfth year teaching and her sixth year here at UCA. When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t teaching she said, “I would probably be an MMA fighter, in a band, or a standup comedian.”