AP Artist Feature-Ashley Hughes


“It was a hobby that eventually turned into a passion,” says 17-year-old AP watercolor artist Ashley Hughes. Influenced by artists like Van Gogh and Bob Ross, Ashley focuses on watercolor painting. Ashley has been creating art since she was very young. “I like to show emotions and movement in my paintings. I’ll use a combination of different colors, different techniques. Watercolor is a diverse medium and there are many ways to use it,” says Ashley. Ashley says that watercolor artists across the internet and her previous art teachers influence her art the most. “I like doing multiple subjects using watercolors- animals, people, and plants,” she adds that for her, art is a way of expression, it’s something that’s there when there’s nothing else to do.

Mrs. Neelon says that Ashley is “extremely talented and has created a beautiful portfolio this year for AP Art.” Mrs. Neelon has had Ashley as a student since she began teaching at UCA. Ashley has participated in every art competition Mrs. Neelon has offered over the last year, making her a “very committed art student.” Mrs. Neelon says she would love to see Ashley go into illustration, “She would be an excellent children’s book illustrator.”


“I love Ashley’s creativity.  Her work has a very specific style and feel.  I am inspired by her unique style that she always stays true to.”