The Truth About Movember


Gabe Hopkins, Feature Writer

“Grow a mo, save a bro.” November is Movember and Movember 2019 is underway. The goal is to grow a mustache, start a conversation, and spread the word about men’s health. 

You may see some of your favorite celebrities sporting a ‘stache throughout the month and linking to the Movember website to donate what you can. These donations are slated to go to programs designed to improve men’s health and prevent premature death.

According to the website, “men die an average six years younger than women.”  Claims indicate these deaths are for largely preventable reasons. An article for Harvard Health indirectly challenges this assertion. The article claims men have a sort of “biological destiny” which leads to men dying early on average. According to Harvard’s research. men take bigger risks, have more dangerous jobs, and die of heart disease because of lower estrogen levels. It is important to mention, on both the Movember website and the Harvard article, the fact that men commit suicide more often than women is mentioned.

If considering taking part in Movember, take advantage of the resources on the website. While some medical problems mainly affect middle-aged men, Movember pays close attention to men’s mental health, stressing the importance of reaching out to peers. “70% of men say their friends can rely on them for support, but only 48% say that they rely on their friends.”

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