Womens Basketball Kicks Off Their Season

Madi Duvall, Staff Writer

“I want to compete for regular and tournament champions and to make it to states.” Davis has his expectations high for the women’s basketball team this season. The Lady Eagles have worked since the spring playing travel ball together in both the spring and summer. They hold themselves to a very high standard, pushing each other to the breaking point almost every day in basketball class.

The commitment of these athletes is intense, giving up their free time just to put in more work for basketball. “I’ve always had several individual players who were very committed to basketball, but I have never had as much commitment from the whole team as what we have this year,” Davis commented, amazed at the amount of commitment he sees from these girls.

Mia Leonard commented on how she thinks the program has grown since Davis began coaching the women’s basketball team two years ago. “The program has grown a lot, the girls have gotten a lot better and the players bond more than what we did my freshman year. We have each other’s backs on and off the court and we can all depend on each other.” 

The lady eagles first scrimmage was Tuesday against Woods Charter taking them down with a final score of 51-37. Coming out in the first half the lady eagles get the first point of the game to start their rally. Most of the first quarter Woods Charter and the Lady Eagles were tied, before taking the lead from the middle of the first to the end of the second quarter. Davis hyped up the team at half-time, getting them ready to take over the game and get a win under their belt. Coming out into the third quarter they took the lead and ran with it. Having a twenty point lead with 2 minutes left on the clock Davis choose to put in the newest freshman on the team giving them their first taste of varsity basketball.

Ending the night, Natalie Beeson had 13 points, 3 assists, 4 steals, and 1 charge. Gabi Greene had a great night helping the team out with 12 points, Mia Leonard came in scoring 10 points. Davis commented, “We have never had so many people capable of scoring, we can get it in the paint and get an easy shot but can also kick it out and know that we can shoot and score too.”

With the first win of the season under their belt the girls are ready for the rest of the season.