Teacher of the Week


Known for her lively and cheerful personality in and out of the classroom, Mrs. Jody Smith is a shining light to the science department. “She’s a passionate teacher and she loves biology,” says Mr. Robbins, UCA High School’s other biology teacher. Her passion for teaching and drive for student success are just a few things that make Mrs. Jody Smith this week’s teacher of the week.

Mrs. Smith teaches AP Biology and Biology. The Nest staffers, Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell asked Mrs. Smith what she likes about UCA and she tells us, “I like the students and the freedom to teach.” When asked why does she teach she said, “I love when a student gets something, to see them understand something they didn’t at first, “that a-ha moment”.”

She has been teaching here at UCA for five years but has been teaching for a total of twenty years. Before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Smith was a bank teller. She tells us that if she wasn’t a teacher she’d probably still be in banking.