Senior Spotlight: Angel Venegas

Nic and Taz

This week’s senior article is about Angel Venegas. Venegas is the only senior on the UCA soccer team, and he has played soccer for most of his life, beginning at 10 years old. He tried wrestling sophomore year but that didn’t last long because he needed to focus on soccer. Angel believes the hardest part about soccer is getting everyone on the same page and making everyone work together as a team. Angel currently holds the record for most points scored at UCA. He helped carry his team to the second round of playoffs before getting knocked out.

Angel has been playing at the striker position since freshman year, and he plans on extending his soccer career into college. He says his favorite part about playing soccer is the game; he just loves playing soccer. Being a Senior comes with extra responsibilities, like being a role model because the younger players look up to you. Coming into Senior year he trained and conditioned more over the summer, and he came to every early soccer warm-up with the team.  Angel says he will miss his teammates and his coach, Mr. Russell.