Photographer Feature-Haylee Thompson


Kaytlin Lowe

“I like to use photography as a way to express myself and make others who view my work ask questions and wonder how it was made and about how I create my work,” says 15-year old Haylee Thompson. Haylee has been in Mr. Lackey’s photography class for one semester, and has really enjoyed her first semester, “It’s a bit out of my comfort zone- I get to learn new things.” Inspired by American artist Man Ray, Haylee focuses
on photography while using photo editing and photoshop. Mr. Lackey says Haylee has a “great eye for composition and uses lighting to create drama.” When interviewed, Haylee mentioned multiple times that she loves to express herself, her thoughts, and her idea
s through photography and art. “Typically it is easier to find ideas of what you want to photograph if you base your ideas around emotion,” Haylee says Mr. Lackey influences her art the most. “He helps me expand my ideas and gives me new ways to look at simple things, to give them a much deeper meaning.” The inspiration isn’t a one-way street either, “Haylee inspires me by the way she quickly learns new concepts and effectively applies them to her own work. She has high standards and pushes herself continually to improve her skills.”

I’ve been fortunate to have Haylee as a student this semester. She has emerged as a leader in the class as well as a great collaborator and example. I look forward to seeing the great work that she produces in the future.” -Mr. Lackey