Teacher of the Week


Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell

You may know him as the man who sells suckers and meat sticks on the history hall. He’s UCA’s own great outdoorsman and owner of Goodwin’s Country Corner. “He is an excellent storyteller. He reminds me of grandpa sitting on the front porch with a bunch of kids sitting around listening. He does a great job of building relationships with students. I think he gives almost every one of them a nickname. He also definitely has an awesome sense of humor. One of the funniest guys I know,” says Mr. Green. This week’s Teacher of the Week is the one and only Mr. Goodwin.


Mr. Goodwin currently teaches World History and Hunter Safety. He has been teaching for a total of fourteen years and has been at UCA for five years. When asked why he likes UCA he said, “I like the staff, students, and freedom to do cool stuff.”. 


The Nest staffers, Maddie Mabe and Nick Howell asked Mr. Goodwin why he teaches and he said, “I get summers off, holidays throughout the year, it allows me to explore my true love which is fishing and hunting, and I like hanging out with cool kids.”. If Mr. Goodwin wasn’t teaching he would probably be a hunting or fishing guide. 


Fun Fact: Mr. Goodwin has hunted and killed 39 deer since 2009