Advanced Vocal Senior Spotlight- Collen


Kaytlin Lowe


Collen, 17, is this week’s advanced vocal senior spotlight. Collen joined Mr. Moore’s acapella group, “Drop the Beak,” in the Spring semester of 2017, and joined the advanced chorus in the Fall of 2017, during his sophomore year of high school. Collen likes “anti-pop” and pop music by artists such as Billie Eilish and Jeremy Zucker.“I find his interest in every aspect of life interesting. He’s not boring, he’s not the stereotypical high schooler, he’s interested in everything from politics to music, to engineering, to linguistics of some sort,” says Mr. Moore. Collen says he loves music because he “finds comfort in hiding emotions in metaphors.” Mr. Moore says in the future, he sees Collen “somewhere out of Asheboro, pursuing his artist passion, whether that be writing music, or performing, or writing literature or poetry, I see him somewhere exerting himself as an artist.” When asked “What does music mean to you?” Collen responded in the simple answer, “everything.”

Collen “can’t be described in one word, maybe insightful, thoughtful even, he’s a complex character,” says Mr. Moore. “Collen is well researched on every topic. I have to make sure I’m on top of my p’s and q’s when I talk to him,” explains Mr. Moore. “He’ll call you out…” agree both Mr. Moore and Mackie Patrick. “He puts a lot of research into his statements and I appreciate that about him.”

Collen’s friends say, “Dark colors, hats, and his judgment” make Collen, Collen. “I honestly don’t know how to answer that, a lot of things, it’s not one specific thing I don’t think… Oh, and his hydro flask.”