Advanced Vocal Senior Spotlight- Mackie Patrick


Kaytlin Lowe

Known for her unique sense of style and her artistic ability, Mackenzie “Mackie” Patrick has been in Advanced Chorus since her sophomore year. Mr. Moore describes Mackie as rare, saying “there’s not a lot of her. I I  find her individuality interesting. She’s very confident in her ‘sense of self’ and she’s not going to act how other people think she should. Once you break through the first layer of how Mackie presents herself she’ll surprise you. She’s a lot more intuitive.”  Mackie values other people’s opinions but doesn’t let their opinion change her or the way she carries herself. “I like listening to music that goes with my aesthetic,” says Mackie. Mackie has been singing since kindergarten, “That’s how I learned when I was little, I memorized all the presidents in order with a cute song,” Mackie told us. She is now 17 and inspired by artists like Melanie Martinez, Mackie prefers to play and sing at the same time. Mackie says that music is “something that brings a lot of people together and makes people happy.”

Mr. Moore could see Mackie “doing a lot of things in a lot of places. I could see her here using her visual art skills, or I could see her doing it somewhere else.  I’m going to miss her next year, It’s going to be weird without her.”