Advanced Vocal Senior Spotlight- Dylan New


Dylan New is this week’s Advanced Vocal Feature. Dylan has been in Mr. Moore’s chorus class since the first semester of his freshman year.  “I like how hard of a worker he is and he never complains about how much work he has to get done, he does so much without putting up a fight and still does extracurriculars when he has so many responsibilities. I aspire to have his work ethic,” says Mr. Moore. “Amid all of the work he does, he still finds time to do something he enjoys,” Dylan has been playing music for seven years, as well as singing for five. He loves to sing and play folk music. He says it’s the one thing he can work to improve and it not feel like a job.  “I like the emotion my voice has sometimes, so I like to use that emotion in my singing and playing,” says Dylan.

Mr. Moore says, “In five years, I see Dylan making an impact somewhere. He could take so many routes and be successful. I don’t know what he wants to do but whatever he does he will be good at it. I think he’ll be out of Asheboro, though.” Mr. Moore says Dylan is reliable.