Senior Spotlight – Mia Leonard


This week’s senior spotlight goes to Mia Leonard. Mia is a hard-working, energetic, and encouraging individual. Known for being a leader on the court, Mia has played varsity basketball for all four years of high school. This year, Mia is the only senior player on the team. 

We asked Coach Davis what he thinks Mia’s best qualities are on the court and he responded, “Mia’s scrappiness is her greatest quality as a basketball player. She always plays hard and gives her best effort, regardless of the score. Her shooting and ball-handling abilities have also helped our team significantly. She has maintained a team-first attitude regardless of the situation and always played her part to do whatever it takes for our team to win.” Coach Davis also informed us of how he prepared her for being the only senior on the team this year, “Mia and I communicated on a regular basis throughout the offseason to make sure she was prepared as a basketball player and as a leader for this season. As the only senior and a four-year varsity player, she stepped into the role of great leadership in helping to change the culture of the women’s basketball program and teach the younger players how to compete on a daily basis. In addition to regular conversations, reviewing statistics, and watching film, we had many workouts and games during the offseason that allowed her to demonstrate leadership abilities and establish positive expectations before the season ever began.”

The Nest also got to speak with Mia about her basketball history and what she sees herself pursuing in the future, “I have played basketball since I was 6 but after school, I want to go to RCC for two years and then transfer somewhere for sports medicine.” Mia says she will miss the team and the game the most when her senior year comes to an end.

One of Mia’s close friends, Lauren Gordon, shared her favorite memory with Mia, “My favorite memory with Mia is hard to choose but me and her always riding to practice together, and us just always laughing on the court together.” Lauren also shares what she’ll miss the most about Mia, “I’ll miss Mia’s great spirit and her energy along with how she always lifts me and the other teammates up. Even if she had a bad day she’ll put a smile on another’s face.” The team is about halfway through the season with 12 games behind them. We wish Mia and all of the women’s basketball team the best of luck!