Senior Spotlight – Katie Allen


Halie Hulin

She has been described as silly, confident, and a good friend, as well as a great tennis player, Katie Allen is this weeks senior spotlight. Katie has been playing Tennis since her junior year and made major improvements in just a short amount of time.

The Nest asked Katie a few questions about where she sees herself in the future and what she will miss the most about tennis. Katie stated, ¨My plans for after high school are to attend RCC for 2 years then transfer to Elon University. I will miss the close bonds I have with all of the girls.̈  Katie told us her season went very well and she saw major improvements in everyone on the team. 

We also asked Juliana Owen, one of Katie´s close friends and teammates, what the best qualities were that Katie brought to the team, Juliana responded, ̈Katie was a great member on the tennis team because she was respectful and encouraging. She also improved so much since our team first started. We will miss her so much!”  Juliana also shared her favorite memory with Katie, ̈Being a manager for the basketball team with her was so much fun! She made every awkward moment funny.¨ 

The women’s tennis team finished their season with 8 wins and 7 losses. All of the girls had great personal records as well. Good job Eagles!