Teacher of the Week


This week’s teacher of the week is a very dedicated teacher who loves her students. She is described by Halie Hulin as, “Spastic, chill, and caring. She’s like a mom to me.” This week’s teacher of the week is Mrs. Duggins.

Mrs. Duggins teaches Honors English 2 and English 4. She also comments that she teaches “life” as well. Mrs. Duggins has been teaching for a total of ten years and three of those have been here at UCA.


When asked why she teaches she responded, “I love teenagers-helping them with their real-life problems and I love literature, writing, editing, and all the nerdy things involved with English. So being a teacher allows me to merge them together. I love watching a kid get excited about something that they discover and want to share it, or gain confidence in an area they didn’t have before. I want to help them have those moments.” 

If Mrs. Duggins wasn’t teaching she said, “I would be a book editor, but in reality, I would be chasing my kids around to all their many sporting events.”

This year Mrs. Duggins is the middle school assistant basketball coach. “When your husband is the coach and he asks you to help, you don’t say no. My basketball experience – zero.  I played softball my whole childhood, then added soccer and track in middle and high school, but I have learned that being a coach is much like a teacher; the kids need reassurance, love, and direction. I know enough that I can help support them and I am loving my supportive role.”