Advanced Vocal Senior Spotlight- Zane Crumpler


This week’s Advanced Chorus Feature is Zane Crumpler. Zane is 18 years old. Mr. Moore has been teaching Zane since August of 2016, Zane’s first semester of high school, and Mr. Moore’s first-semester teaching. Zane has been singing since 6th grade when he was put in chorus as an elective. Outside of school, Zane prefers country and rap music. He’s inspired by artists like Kanye. “It’s [music] a big part of my life. I’m 24/7 listening to or singing. It’s something I can do to take my mind off everything,” says Zane. 

Mr. Moore “admires his dedication to the chorus program at UCA. There have been several times where he could have dropped the class because it would have made a lot of things more convenient and easy to manage. But instead, he stuck with chorus.” Mr. Moore says Zane just has a way of getting things done, “He’s had several obstacles throughout high school and he still manages to show up and get stuff done. He inspires me to push through adversity because there is always someone, somewhere, who has it worse than you do.” Mr. Moore describes Zane as “charming,” and “goofy.” His charisma draws people in according to Mr. Moore.  “He’s just a great friend that will always be there for you no matter what,” Says his friend Trey Way. In the future, Mr. Moore sees Zane “on someone’s staff as a trainer of some sort,” saying he is “a big sports guy” and sports medicine is a field he believes he could excel in. “His bandwagon fandom of NFL teams, his shoes, and his love for all things Kanye West” as well as “his hair” are things that people close to Zane say make him who he is.