Senior Spotlight – Coleton Christian


A senior we would like to recognize this week has been described as determined, caring, smart, driven, and talented by many. Coleton Christian is one of our senior athlete spotlights. Coleton is a member of the UCA Eagles men’s basketball and golf teams. He has been playing basketball since 7th grade and has a real passion for the game. After high school, Coleton will be attending East Carolina University. Coleton told us when he leaves he will miss his teammates the most. One piece of advice Coleton wants to leave with his team is, “take no day for granted because basketball will end sooner than they think.”

Coach Monroe talked about how Coleton has grown into a great player over the years, “Coleton’s best quality is his sheer passion for the game. He has really matured this year into a good leader for us. He is unselfish. He does not need to score for his impact to be felt on the game!” Coach also informed us with how he helped prepare Coleton for his senior year, “For his senior year, we wanted Coleton to focus on mental toughness, which he has done completely. We have a very young team so we knew we would be in desperate need of that kind of leadership. When adversity hits, we could count on him to be a calming force for us.”

Cam Fordham is one of Coleton’s close friends. Cam says what he’ll miss the most about Coleton is, “His sense of humor and the boys’ trips. My favorite memory with Coleton would be our trip to Pamlico”.