Women’s Basketball Makes History!


Here at UCA, history is made almost daily. One of the biggest steps in the Women’s basketball program history was made this week. For the first time at UCA, the Lady Eagles team, not only made it to the state playoffs but advanced to the second round after a big win Tuesday night at Columbia High School.  Coach Davis said, “The primary highlight was simply winning the first playoff game in school history. It was also great for everyone to get significant playing time and have 10 of our 12 players score. We took a commanding lead early in the game and were able to continue adding to that margin throughout the game.” The Lady Eagles left with a huge win and high hopes for their next playoff game at Pamlico High School on Thursday, February 27th. 

Although the women’s basketball team is full of talent and hard-working individuals, it took some time and effort to get to the point they’re at now. Coach Davis explained, “We started preparing as soon as last season ended. We had spring workouts, summer workouts, summer league games, and fall workouts all leading up to the first day of practice in mid-October. Throughout that time, we emphasized the need for hard work and preparation if we wanted to have a successful season and reach the state playoffs.” All of the girls’ hard work has definitely paid off and has not gone unnoticed. Mr. Wheat shared that he has seen a huge difference in the girl’s intensity and dedication. “They are committed to working year-round to improve. They trust their teammates and support each other whether they win or lose.” 

We asked Mia Leonard, a senior, and Ashara Spruill, a freshman, some questions about their season this year. Mia has played basketball all four years of high school and says, “It feels so good to be able to actually make it to States and go to the second round, and I wouldn’t want to do it with another group of girls.” Mia says the girls have had team bonding days such as a Christmas party and watching a college basketball game together. She says although they are a relatively young team, they have so much talent and athleticism. For Ashara Spruill, things are a bit different. Ashara is a freshman and has three more years on the team and with Coach Davis. “To be a new player it feels amazing to help the team out. It’s all still new to me but I’m learning very fast.” Ashara says she hopes in the coming years they will make it back to playoffs and maybe even win a ring. As for both of the girls and the whole team, they believe if they go into the next game and play their hearts out, they can come home with another win. We wish the Lady Eagles the best of luck!