Teacher of the Week


Described by Ashlin Parks as, “Amiable, ambitious, and generous.” She is the head of the UCA dance department and is very passionate about what she does. This week’s Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Haynes. 


Mrs. Haynes teaches Dance I , Dance II, and Honors Dance III. She has been teaching here at UCA for a total of three years. When asked why she teaches she said, “ I teach because I’m passionate about sharing this art form with as many children as I possibly can. I love that teaching in the school system allows people the opportunity to dance who may not be able to do so otherwise.” 


On February 18th the dance students performed at UCA’s Coffee House Open Mic Night. Mrs. Haynes and her students prepared for the performance with individual and group projects to present at Coffee House. They had approximately 12 numbers to perform, most of which were contemporary. Her students love the opportunity to get in front of people and to showcase their talent!