HOSA Competition


This year is the first year UCA has ever had a HOSA team. HOSA is a student organization specifically dedicated to preparing students for careers in health science. This year’s UCA HOSA team is Mya Goodyear, Keri Massie, Ruby Ratliff, Lily Patterson, Nidhi Khiantani, and Lucas Henley. UCA’s HOSA team will be competing in a state competition for the first time ever! This competition is a three day event held on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of April. 


The HOSA team has been doing many things to prepare for the state competition. They have all been doing their own types of training for what they will be competing in during the competition. Mya Goodyear says, “My partner and I are training for first aid and CPR by practicing how to diagnose a situation and taking the first steps to a person’s care and we are doing CPR training on medical mannequins.” The other members of the team have been reading up on medical practices and getting ready for a debate in the biomedical field. 


The HOSA team has been doing fundraisers, as well. They had a carnation sale for Valentine’s day. There is also individual fundraising going on. Keri Massie and Mya Goodyear are selling custom signs with anything you would like on them. The money made during the fundraisers will go to pay for the fees of the competition.


The state competition will be HOSA’s last competition of the school year. Make sure to wish your very own UCA HOSA team good luck!