Prom 2020

William Poole, Section Editor

With Uwharrie Charter High School Prom around the corner, many plans and preparations are being formulated. While more information is to come, there is some important information students should know about. If you want direct information on Prom, QR codes have been scattered all over the school grounds. The QR code holds imperative information.

The following is all the information revealed about Prom 2020. Firstly, Prom will be held at Adamount Farm (4941 Finch Farm Rd, Trinity, NC 27370) on April 25, 7pm-11pm. The theme of Prom is “Meant to Be”. Tickets will be on sale for several different dates, the earlier you buy the cheaper you get them.

For Seniors only, tickets will be on sale on March 9-13 for 35 dollars each/65 for a couple.

For Juniors and Seniors, tickets will be on sale March 16-27 for 40 dollars each/75 for a couple

Regular ticket sale begins March 30-April 10, 45 dollars each/85 for a couple. April 10th is the last day to buy a Prom T-Shirt.

Final ticket sales are April 20-24, 50 dollars each (no couple discount).

Purchase tickets from Mrs. Clemons before or after school, her room is located on the History Hall in Room 206. All school fees must be paid before purchasing prom tickets.