Senior Spotlight – Taylor Ledbetter


A true athlete, team player, and dedicated learner are all words that come to mind when coaches and teammates think of Taylor Ledbetter, this week’s Senior Spotlight. Taylor has played softball since she was four at the t-ball level. Taylor is a third baseman on the Eagle’s softball team and one of two seniors on the team this year. Senior year has been “ a lot to take in” for Taylor but she says she is ready to graduate and continue her academic and athletic careers at Guilford College, majoring in criminal justice. In her free time, Taylor enjoys watching softball games, if she’s not playing, and spending time with friends and family. Taylor’s goal this season is “to not let myself get down when a mistake happens or if a teammate or even myself is having a bad day to always be there to pick ourselves up.” A piece of advice Taylor wants to leave with her teammates is “always work hard on and off the field, never give up on yourself or the game, and always remember to respect others and your coaches.”

Coach Vanderveer is the new head coach of the team this year and hasn’t gotten to spend a lot of time with Taylor but admires the dedication she puts into her game, “This being my first year as head coach and not really taking on the position until late, I did not have a critical part in her development. All the credit goes to the coaches before me and Taylor’s desire to train with personal trainers and hitting instructors.” Coach also tells us about the “calm demeanor” Taylor brings with her to every game, “She does not get rattled as the game intensifies and allows herself to move onto the next play.” Coach Vanderveer says, “I would like to tell Taylor to keep her focus on her goals and know that nothing worth having comes easy and quick. Life is a lot like softball, you keep practicing each day and you get a little better at it every day. Then one day you look back and you will amaze even yourself how far you’ve come.”