Teacher of the Week


When you walk down the history hall and feel a gust of freezing cold air when you pass her classroom, you’re definitely in the right place. Halie Hulin says, “Her room is cold enough to raise a polar bear in.” Max DeNamur says, “She teaches a hard class, but the way she teaches helps me remember it better.” This week’s Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Walker. 


Mrs. Walker teaches American History II, Honors American History II, Honors Teacher Cadet I, and Carolina History and Haunts. She has been teaching for almost 12 years and has been teaching here at UCA for 5 years. 


She teaches because she loves history and the opportunity to help, mentor, and watch students grow throughout their educational experience. When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t teaching she said, “I’d be lost; I love teaching and cannot imagine doing anything else, but maybe a party planner or personal shopper.”


Mrs. Walker and her Honors Teacher Cadet I class put together a book fair here at UCA. It is to encourage students to read and it is supposed to bring back memories from when you were younger. The goal is to be able to raise enough money to donate 150 books to the English Department. They have been preparing by scheduling dates, preparing a space to set up, advertise, and arrange and organize helpers.