UCA Takes Action During The Coronavirus Outbreak


On March 10th, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency as a result of the corona virus in North Carolina. On March 13th, students, staff, and parents of UCA received an email addressing the COVID-19 virus and announcing UCA will be closing through March 20th. They felt it was necessary since UCA pulls from multiple school districts. Mr. Casey Harris said, “Please know that every decision we make that impacts our UCA stakeholders is not a decision that is made flippantly or taken lightly. We truly want what is best for our students.”


The staff have been working very hard to minimize the impact on instruction. They’ve also been preparing alternative methods of instruction to reduce that impact. 


On March 14th, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order to close all public schools in North Carolina. The school closings were set to begin Monday, March 16th, and last for two weeks at this time. Now, instead of one week UCA will be closed for two or until further notice. 


Thankfully UCA was prepared for what was to come and had already had a way to instruct students during this time.