Communities Coming Together In Response To COVID-19


Maddie Mabe

As the spread of COVID-19 increases, communities are coming together to help people in need. 

In Maryland, a seven-year-old boy named Cavanaugh Bell, spent $600 of his own money to purchase care packages for seniors and students.

Roots Catering, a food establishment in Pennsylvania, planned to unveil its new kitchen trailer this March, but after a Lehigh Valley Wine Trail event was canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak, the company had nowhere to distribute the food. Roots did the next best thing and served free lunch and dinner at the Safe Harbor homeless shelter in Easton.

In Cumberland County, North Carolina, the Meals on Wheels program has several feeding sites that serve 500 older adults per day and have 180 volunteers working.

During this difficult time, we need to come together and try to find the good that comes out of this.  There are many different ways you can make an impact in your community during this time such as supporting local businesses, donating blood, reaching out to family and friends, donating to your local food bank, run errands for elders and other people who need to stay indoors, etc.