An Inside Look at Students´ Daily Life


For most students at UCA, productivity has been a big part of their daily quarantine routines. For others like Logan Sawyer, their days off consist of sleeping until noon, playing video games, and adding a hint of school work in the days. UCA’s Nest got an inside look at three students’ different quarantine routines. 

Avery Wright starts her day with a devotion, hour long workout and mile long run. She then eats lunch, gets ready and does her school work for the day. Avery said ¨I go outside and enjoy the weather, I usually read. Sometimes I tumble later in the evenings.¨ When asked if she does school work everyday, Avery explained her homework schedule, ¨Usually I don’t do school work everyday, I am the type of person that likes to work ahead so I spend most of Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday doing my work for the whole week. Then I don’t do any work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Or Sunday.¨

We asked Logan Sawyer if he thinks he has been productive so far. His answer was ¨Not even a little bit.¨ His daily routine includes sleeping until 11:30, working out, showering, and taking naps. Logan says he does not do schoolwork and when he gets bored he plays video games or goes back to sleep. 

Much like Logan, Adriana Carter wakes up at noon. Adriana´s day consists of eating breakfast, doing schoolwork, playing outside with her little brother Wyatt, doing chores, then doing more homework. Adriana does school work everyday and says she feels she has been productive in that area. We asked Adriana what she does when she gets bored and she said, ¨I check if I have anything for school to do or get on my phone and look at tik tok, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. I also text my friends and sometimes FaceTime them.¨

All of these students have found a routine that fits them and helps them stay productive. We challenge you to do the same and find what works best for you.