Beach Closures and Openings Around the U.S.


With the closings of restaurants and businesses around the country came the closing of public and private beach access. Beaches were closed almost immediately except for those in Florida.  Spring breakers flooded the Florida coast and tensions rose about the very likely spread of the virus. Local officials had to take charge and close the beaches after Governor Ron DeSantis said he would not be doing so. 

Now that things seem to be slightly dying down, private access in many places has opened back up for walking and running. You are not allowed to bring chairs, towels, tents, etc… that could keep you in one place. Public access is still not opened but is expected to open back up in South Carolina in the coming weeks. 

Across the country, California beaches have remained closed. Some places have closed parking lots and left beaches open while others are closed altogether. Parks and trails are also shut down because of the number of people trying to escape to nature at the same time. 

At this point, no one knows when things will start to open back up. We can only hope that with President Trump’s new announcement on letting the states decide for themselves, our states will make the right decisions to keep us happy and healthy.