Drive In Graduations


Due to the spread of COVID-19, schools across the country have closed their campuses. The extended closures have jeopardized rituals such as prom and graduation. Some schools around the country wanted to make sure that their seniors still received the recognition they deserve. They have decided to host drive-in graduations for them. 

One school in Kansas is doing their graduation at a drive-in movie theatre. Instead of showing movies, the theatre will use both of their big screens to show off the class of 2020. Since safety is a top priority, everyone will stay in their cars to celebrate. Another school in Mississippi has come up with an alternate way to celebrate their graduation. Their plan is to include a drive-in ceremony, tents for each individual student, and each student will drive inside the football stadium while there is a broadcaster in the press box.

Some schools have chosen to just postpone their graduations until they can have a traditional ceremony once this is all over. Others have chosen to do virtual graduations as another option. 

Schools are trying everything they can to make sure seniors are recognized for all their hard work these past four years.