Will North Carolina Have High School Sports This Year?

Olivia Mabe

On August 11, 2020 the NCHSAA approved the schedule for High School sports. They came to the conclusion that there will in fact be sports. However, each team can only have a certain number of games/meets/matches. 

Each sport has a different range of the amount of games they are allowed to play this season. It ranges from 7-14 games. Every sport except football will have a weekly contest limit of 2. However, football is only allowed one. 

The dead period is the first five student days of the school year. Skill development begins the following the five first student days of the school year, and phase 2 guidelines will be in effect. 

When asked Lee Kennell, head volleyball coach and middle school athletic director, “Do you think the decision to have sports, but only a limited amount of games was the best decision for NCHSAA to make? And, what do you think sports are going to look like?” He responded with, “Absolutely! So obviously we would all prefer to have a full season, but with everything going on in the world right now we are fortunate to be able to have any kind of season. Although it’s not ideal, it really puts things into perspective and makes us appreciate the privilege of playing athletics in high school. I honestly have no idea what it will look like in November. The biggest difference will be who is in the stands if anyone is allowed at all. Coaches might be wearing masks as well as the officials but other than that we will just show up and play the sports we love just like we have in the past.”