Corona: Looking Back and What Does It Mean For This School Year?

Corona: Looking Back and What Does It Mean For This School Year?

McKenzie Hardin


A world wide disease has swept the nation over the past six months. Traces of it linger all the way back to December, 2019. At first Corona sprung up in China, and it seemingly wasn’t affecting the United States. Later throughout the months, as Americans all over were watching the news, reading articles, and watching the Corona virus spread through other countries, many of us did not expect it to cause such chaos for America. However, through traveling and trade the virus seemed to multiple rapidly. Right before our eyes suddenly the thing in front of us, was no longer a mere thought that terrified us. 

The first thing many people remember, were the schools shutting down. Then, came the “social distancing” stage. We were only supposed to be in group settings of less than ten people. Many people did not adhere to this mandate, and North Carolina governor Roy Cooper issued the “stay at home order”. 

For some reason, all over the country people were still traveling, not taking covid seriously. Even social media influencers were setting bad examples for the public traveling and not social distancing. When we look back on this year it will be interesting to see how much influence people had on others views of corona. 

Then came the masks. Local governments around the country were deciding if we should all be wearing masks in public, which many governors decided to mandate. Mask mandates resulted in political pushback with many Americans demanding to remove the mask mandates, even calling Corona a hoax. 

However, with the help of schools and other public places enforcing the mask mandate corona cases are on the decline in North Carolina.  Many are asking, “Will we be going back to school this year?” Right now most schools in Randolph County are following AA/BB day hybrid schedule. So what does that mean for Uwharrie Charter Academy? The board has decided to give students two different options. The first option is students can come back to school following the hybrid model, or students can choose to remain virtual working at home.