COVID and Sports: Our Q & A with Mr. Wheat

Covid 19 has definitely affected sports at our school in many ways. To gain some insight into just how different sports at UCA look this year, I  conducted a Q & A with UCA’s Dean, Mr. Wheat.


Have many of our school games been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions? 

We have had to cancel a few volleyball matches this season. Luckily our Athletic Director, Coach Monroe, is great at finding other teams for us to play.



How have COVID-19 restrictions affected facility use? 

We have a crew of staff members that clean the gym in between JV and Varsity games. Parents have to leave the gym and then come back in for the next game. We can only have 25 spectators at each game, and everyone has to be temperature screened before they can come in. The custodians then clean the gym again the next morning.

What kind of decisions have you had to make for the sports teams regarding what they can and can’t do?

We follow the state guidelines, including wearing masks and spacing our players out on the bench and on buses. I had to tell the girl’s basketball team they could not come watch the boy’s game on a night that they were not playing, because they would have counted as spectators and put us over the 25 limit. 

Do you think that COVID-19 will affect our seniors who want to play at the college level? 

I hope not. We have a great group of seniors, and several have potential to play at the next level. Luckily, all our games are filmed and colleges can view the highlights.

Have any of the COVID-19 cases we have had at our school resulted from sports continuing? 

I am not aware of any student that caught covid from one of our sports teams.

After speaking to Mr. Wheat,  it is evident that he has made smart decisions to  ensure everyone stays safe during this pandemic while still able to have fun and allow continued play for our sports teams.