Senior Spotlight: Lydia VanDerveer


Lydia VanDerveer is a senior at Uwharrie Charter, and she has been attending UCA since her seventh grade year. Lydia was born on February 14th, 2003. For Elementary school Lydia attended Wescare Christian Academy, and lives in Biscoe, NC. 

Lydia describes her childhood as, “The best I can remember about my childhood is it was almost like a scene from a Summer movie. I can remember being outside with my closest friends, whether it was jumping in the pool, front flips on the trampoline, or ‘manning the ship’ as pirates on the swingset. When the sun went down, you could always find us outside. My childhood is a blur of memories filled with endless smiles, lots of laughter, and lots of shotgun riding in the front of my Daddy’s truck.”

When asked about her High School experience, Lydia responded with, “My high school experience was really enjoyable, and I’ve learned just as much outside the classroom about life as I have inside the classroom. I’ve made amazing memories with some amazing people. When they tell you high school goes by in the blink of an eye, they really are right. Although I didn’t play in any sports, I was a part of the acapella group ‘Drop the Beak.’”

Lydia has been accepted to ECU, UNCG, Brevard College, Western Carolina and Appalachian.

Lydia is leaning towards majoring in Psychology at UNCG because, “ I feel there is a need for more people to listen than talk. I feel as if sometimes listening can save a person’s life, and I want to be that positive influence in their life.” She also stated that she loved the campus atmosphere at UNCG.

High School has its ups and downs, so when Lydia was asked about a positive and negative experience that resulted out of High School, she said, “A positive experience in High School has been learning that whatever I put my mind to I can and will succeed at it. A negative experience was gym class. That sucked.”

Lydia’s plans for after high school consist of graduating college with a degree in Psychology and then proceeding to go to Med School to become a psychiatrist.

Teachers have a very big impact on our high school experience, so when Lydia was asked, “What teachers helped you throughout high school, and why is that?” She responded with, “The teachers that helped me the most throughout high school were Mr. Moore and Mr. Gregson. Mr. Moore taught me that it’s okay to be myself. When I had a bad day, I remember telling myself just to get to Mr. Moore’s class, you’ll be laughing when you get out of there. Mr. Gregson definitely taught me how to express myself through writing. His class was just a positive environment to be in.”

Everyone’s high school experience influences this, here’s how it influenced Lydia, “High school has influenced me, because I learned how to deal with people, positively and negatively. It also taught me how to move onto the next day after a bad one.” 

We all have things to be grateful for, especially in our high school experiences. Here’s what Lydia had to say about what she is grateful for, “I am most grateful for all the wonderful memories I have made, and all the wonderful friends I now have.”