2021 Saved By The Series

Television with subtitles


We can all agree that 2020 took a toll on our general health, but 2021 seems to have made a comeback with many exciting binge-worthy series. Everyone is dealing with individual stress during this hard time, whether it’s work, school, or just our world’s crazy number of Covid cases. You may find yourself needing something to relieve that stress and sometimes a gripping tv show is the perfect remedy. 


The Dig [PG-13] is a new movie that will be released January 29th and in selective theatres January 15th. You can watch the trailer online or on Netflix. This movie is based on the novel The Dig written by John Preston in 2007. The film is about the excavation of Sutton Hoo in 1938. An aristocratic woman, played by Carey Mulligan, calls an excavator to dig through her estate’s burial grounds. What they find isn’t trash, time capsules. or skeletons but a wooden ship from the dark ages. The movie is in English, 1hr 52 minutes long and the genre is drama. After watching the trailer this movie is definitely on my 2021 watch list. 


Riverdale S5 [TV-14] Let’s be honest- you either LOVE Riverdale or you don’t. Riverdale is a teen series based on the classic Archie comics. The series is much darker and more modern than the comics. The first season is about a group of teens who get together to cslove the myster murder of a dead classmate and a friends brother. This show has a common rating of 6-8/10 and ⅘ stars. As a young teenager I enjoyed this show and might watch it again. You can watch this show on The CW network or Netflix. 


Headspace Guide to Meditation [TV-G]  A Netflix original released January 1st 2021. This pandemic can give you a lot of added stress. This series can help you relax and maybe even lift some of that extra weight off. I recommend this show to everyone, whether you meditate or not. This series can help you with tips to stay mentally healthy during this difficult time. This series was developed by scientists and Netflix creators, but began as an app at first, so if you’re interested you could download the app and follow along or just binge watch! I’m excited to try this series out, and I hope you are too!

Resident Alien S1 will be a new series on the SyFy network dropping January 27th at 10:00 pm. This show is about an alien crashing onto earth who hides away in a mountain town. The alien takes the body of a town doctor and is threatened when a 9 year old boy discovers his true inhumane form. This series is based off the comic book series Resident Alien written by Peter Hogan. I’m not into syfy movies but this is one I am, without a doubt going to check out!