Teacher Spotlight: Mr Holden

One of our newest teachers, Mr Holden, is working on two new classes for UCA next year (3D Modeling and Animation & Game Art and Design), but this year he is teaching our online Spanish courses. He has a Masters of Interactive Design and Game Development from Savannah College of Art and Design, and a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech University. He’s been with us at UCA since January 4th. Before that, he taught for 8 years up in High Point, and 4 years at an elementary school, where he taught science and cooking. 

He says the best part about being an educator is teaching kids to find their voice. “While my classes are computer classes, all my assignments are projects that are set up focused around student choice.  No two student projects will ever look the same just by the nature of how I assign things.  I want the project to be yours – the castle looks like this because you decided it would, the apartment has this furniture because it’s what you like, the creature has purple fur because it’s your favorite color.  It makes all student work more interesting for me to grade and see day after day, and I find that it gives students much more ownership of their work and they end up caring about it more.” 

Mr. Holden
©Charles Flynt

When asked if he has had any positive experiences with UCA, he said “To be honest, most of the students in my direct classes I am still interacting with more over email than in person but I have been in and out of a lot of classrooms helping other teachers with tech stuff as we all navigate this new virtual existence.  All the teachers and students I have interacted with have been so nice and friendly.  For those of you nerdy students out there who want to talk fantasy and sci-fi movies, board and video games, and especially Dungeons & Dragons, come and talk to me in room 502 (across from Tartlton). As far as I’m concerned UCA’s lack of a D&D club is your biggest deficiency.” Mr Holden also says he is excited for his new classes next year! “I am EXCITED for Game Design in the Fall to say the least.  Remember me during registration, kids!”

Mr Wheat is also a huge fan of Mr Holden, and says “He is a tech-genius, but he can also communicate very complex things in simple terms. He is also very willing to help everyone.” Mr Wheat also says Mr Holden is a great teacher to look up to because of his willingness to help out others, and loves to see others succeed.