Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Westmoreland

Teacher Spotlight:  Ms. Westmoreland


Our UCA Teacher of the Week is Ms. Westmoreland. Ms. Westmoreland attended the University of North Carolina in Asheville, and she teaches Honors Math 2, Math 2, and Math 3. This is her sixth year teaching. Her favorite class to teach this year is Math 2, because she loves teaching geometry. “It’s my favorite to teach so I am glad I have two sections of it here,” Westmoreland shared. She also says she loves how welcoming UCA is, and brags that her students, so far, are amazing. At home, she has two cats named Zora and Phoebe.

When asked what she’s learned from online teaching she said, “I’ve learned about myself in the sense that I didn’t realize how much I relied on seeing my kids to know if they got the information or not. I usually spend a lot of time circulating through my classroom before, and now I’ve had to change the way I figure out if my kids are truly getting the information or not before they take a test or quiz. I’ve also learned how to be more digitally organized and that “how to scan a document” is something that needs to be taught. I’ve also learned that google extensions are my friend and I don’t know what I did without them before.”

We are so excited to have Ms. Westmoreland join our UCA family!