Volleyball Honors Senior


Senior, Hayven Clemons

Tuesday, October 8th, UCA’s volleyball team recognized their only senior this year, Hayven Clemons. Hayven’s successful volleyball career started for the first time ever when she was a sophomore at UCA. At that time, she juggled cheer and volleyball in the same season. An all-around athlete, Hayven also plays softball in the spring season, a sport she’s played since she was five years old.

Leading the Team

Hayven started out as a middle hitter in her sophomore year and later became a right-side hitter. Although she played well in these positions, Hayven thrived as soon as she started the libero position this year. The Nest spoke with the volleyball head coach, Lee Kennel, to ask how he prepared Hayven to be the only senior on the team this year. Kennel explained, “I told her that age and grade do not determine what kind of leader you are, but you have all the makeup to be our leader. I don’t appoint leaders, leaders just lead, but being the only senior I thought she would take it and run with it”.

Senior Leader

Hayven’s mom, Shelly Clemons, also told us a little bit about how Hayven has handled the season so far. Mom said, “She has really enjoyed it. She’s always been one to keep people’s spirits up and include everyone. She is a great leader and really leads by example.” We got to talk to Hayven about her experience as a senior athlete. Hayven confessed, “Being the only senior is so much fun but stressful at times.”  She added, “I know that my coaches, family, and teammates expect a lot out of me which pushes me to practice harder, play harder, and be a better person every day. Not only do my coaches, family, and teammates expect a lot out of me but I expect a lot out of myself. I know that I have to hold myself accountable and be the best big sister/role model for my girls.”